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A Planetary Management Company

Solutions that let You Get Every Detail of Your World Managed

Let Earth Data Maximize Your Work

For You

Through our Internet of Nature (IoN) engine, users get a Digital Earth that brings new insights and assistance in increasing the value of their property and natural capital.

Versatility in Application

Hyphae solutions can meet any land or water need. From agriculture to coral reefs, and carbon sequestration to oasification

Fertilizer Modernization

Microbial-based fertilizer that uses our IoN engine to be made unique to meet each users needs

Full User Experience Assistance

Users get assistance from our engine to help educate, improve, and ensure correct environmental decisions

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Earth Data Acceleration

Providing easy to understand Earth data culminated from satellites to taxonomy

Digitize all Information

Symbiosis with Everything

Our company was founded on the principle that mimicking nature allows us to repair nature. We take biomimicry of microbial lifeforms to improve Earth Data to act and think as nature does.

This led us to develop two products:

  1. Planetary Management Software

  2. Microbial Fertilizer

All of which is backed by our Internet of Nature (IoN) system. This helps make sure our users get the appropriate data to take care of their property, and an environmentally friendly fertilizer that improves the health and output of the natural capital in their world.

We dream of improving our planet for all societal needs, and the benefit of all lifeforms in nature. In the long term, our system will learn the insights needed to improve the innovation required to terraform outer planets and rocks for space expansion.​

Find out more:


XPRIZE Rainforest

A global, five-year, competition challenging innovators to develop novel technologies to rapidly and comprehensively survey tropical rainforest biodiversity and use data to deliver new insights in near real-time that promote the health and conservation of this vital ecosystem.


A four-year global competition inviting innovators and teams from anywhere on the planet to create and demonstrate solutions that can pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, ultimately scaling massively to gigaton levels, locking away CO2 permanently in an environmentally benign way. 

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Get in contact with us today for any questions. Whether you're looking to join our team or become a user. We're here to help answer what's on your mind.

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