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Managing Planets takes Software and Soilware

Our Services

1. App

Earth Data.png

Earth Data Culmination

We combine all known sources of Earth information so that users no longer have to spend time finding data they need across a plethora of sources. Saving time, money, and energy to get the information you need when you have to make a decision.


Biodiversity Assessment

Using state-of-the-art biodiversity capturing methods; track, record, and learn about the natural capital on your property in detail that hasn't been provided before. Now it's easier to know what you see, and what it means for you and future planning.

predictive analysis.png

Predictive Analysis

Taking our biomimicry approach, we train our engine to run in symbiosis with nature. When new data is added, we analyze and predict how that will affect your surroundings in the future. Taking guesswork out of planning.

Assistant .png

Digital Earth Assistant

No matter your experience level with Earth Data, feel more at ease with the assistance that can help along the way. We stick to methods that help your needs, along with your environment's needs. Ensuring maximized output for you and the natural world around you

2. Fertilizer



Our fertilizer is alive with microbes that a healthy soil web is dependent on to thrive. Soils are more dependent now than ever on the lifeforms that keep them stable for plants and animals to have a place to live.

customizable .png

Customizable Solution

We've formulated the ability to customize each fertilizer product sent to our users. No fertilizer will be the same as the other. With Earth Data, we know exactly what microbes are needed to get the results you want to see, that are suitable for your environment. 


Multi-environment compatability

Thanks to our customizable solution, that means no matter where you are in the world, or how extreme the conditions may be, we can get what works for you to get visible results. All land should be useable to you and the natural world to live in.

carbon sequester.png

Carbon Sequestration

With microbes foundational to the soil web, our fertilizer sequesters carbon while working to meet your needs. Improve the health of the planet, and be able to tap into carbon credits for capturing carbon from the atmosphere while keeping it in the ground.


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