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Managing Planets takes Software and Soilware

Hyphae is a proponent of using mycology and biomimicry to help remediate, manage, and improve planetary functions. On Earth and beyond.

We have been excited about what nature can do, and it's through that excitement at the potential and digging into our own research at its capabilities, that we understood it is possible to manage planets.


Earth Vision

With the progress in science and technology over the past century, we are at a convergence where healing, maintaining, and building planets is no longer a dream.

By combining the work of the past, with the technology of the present, we can build the worlds of the future. And it starts with Earth.

There are a lot of problems at home that need to be fixed before we can all work towards reaching out into the cosmos. 

With the products we're making, anyone has the tools to become their own geo-engineer and use the minds of billions instead of a few, to correct our problems. Faster than what most experts believe is capable in a couple of decades.

We are terraforming Mars. By taking our technology, and the continuous learning we receive on our home planet, we will know what solutions we need to create to turn Mars soil into living soil, and bring the planet to Earth-like conditions.

People will not leave in mass to venture into the unknown without knowing it is habitable. When people can walk freely outside without a suit, and eat and drink what is provided locally, then we have done our job.

But we don't stop there. Every planet, moon, and rock that people can live and work on, we will be there to make sure their world is one worth living in.

Then we continue onto the next solar system, and keep ensuring life can continue to live in this Universe.


Space Vision


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